5 May

Why Petrol Pressure Washer Reviews Are So Good

Something that often surprises drivers that pull into our rest areas that we’re based in is the fact that we use petrol machines rather than electric ones. There are a huge number of reasons why you might opt for using one over the other, but it’s not for the reason that most people seem to think.

A lot of the truckers assume it’s for safety reasons, as we all know that electricity and water don’t go well together, as least not unless you’re keen on getting fried as you wade through the size of puddles that we make on a daily basis. Actually, and luckily for owners of electric powered pressure washers, a lot of effort goes into making sure that they’re housed in waterproof casing, otherwise they’d be very dangerous to use.

Combining pwoer and the freedom to move allows us to get the tightest spots clean quickly
Combining power and the freedom to move allows us to get the tightest spots clean quickly

Actually, the big two reasons that we choose to use the petrol varieties are very simple.

  • Power
    Generally, a petrol unit will deliver a much more powerful spray than their plugged in cousins, and that’s incredibly important to us. Yes, we use a lot of water at that pressure (more on that shortly), but it does take quite a lot of force to prise the grime of the largest lorries, particularly those that have come over form the continent and are often even bigger than domestic trucks. Having the right tools for the trade is critical in almost every industry, and that’s never truer than when you’re cleaning a huge trailer down and need to get through the queue that’s building up behind it!
  • Freedom to move
    While we’re still tethered to water hoses to feed the water (unless we’re using mobile tanks), the electric pressure washers can be a pain to move around as you’re always on the end of an extra cord, anchoring you to a power point with a limited range. Admittedly you can use extensions, but you can’t use a standard domestic one, as that would quickly get wet and we’re back to high risks of shocks, and nasty ones at that! Petrol models therefore give us that extra freedom to get to the places that are hard to reach – it’s hard enough to get to all the places the dirt hides as it is.

We mentioned the water volume a moment ago, and how we need a lot of water, especially the largest trucks. You might have noticed that we often switch between water sources, especially when we’re connected to the fixed valves at the side of the cleaning bays. We actually reuse the previous vehicles clean water for the first run over the next vehicle, as it drains into the ground and is stored for the next use. We then rinse with fresh water, to give the vehicles a great finish. That clean water is then used for the first run of the next vehicle and so on, effectively halving our water use, and reducing the demands on the water supply, which makes us more environmentally friendly, and for the boss, keeps him happy with a lower water bill.

So, that’s why we like petrol pressure washers so much, and why many of the reviews of them on the web are so good. You can read a lot more at http://www.petrolpressurewashers.com/ about the models on the market, along with their recommendations for the top models, which we agree are head and shoulders above the rest. In fact, after reading their views we changed our minds last time we needed to replace our machines in the Tamworth truck stop, meaning that our team at that location are now faster and able to handle more vehicles per hour, which is great given that it’s one of our highest turnover locations.

If you’re looking for home use, you’ll more than likely be able to get great results with electric powered washers, as they’re very good for regular use on smaller vehicles, and particularly for family cars they’re less likely to cause problems for window seals and the like if you’re using them very regularly. For big jobs like we’re repeatedly involved with, though, you need more power to give customers a reliable service, and that’s exactly what they expect when they’re paying us for a fast, efficient and professional job, ready to get back out on the road.

28 Apr

Pressure Washer Pro Has Arrived!

Finally, our brand new site has arrived here at Pressure Washer Pro!

We’re a small company that covers the whole country, so you’ll see our mobile pressure wash vans flying up and down the motorways between truck stops in England, Scotland and Wales, as well as our latest fixed stations in rest areas in Northern Ireland.

We’re hoping that in 2017 we’ll be able to expand into Europe, offering truckers a cleaning service as they sleep in the thousands of locations around the European trunk roads.

Our speciality is mobile service, as it’s something that allows our clients to suffer least disruption to their schedules. As we all know, time is money, and that’s especially true when you’re on a schedule and traffic alone can threaten your ability to deliver freight on time.

If you’d like to talk to us about our service, get in touch today, either via email, or if you’re in need of a corporate service, via our account management team.